Various projects, case studies and work in other mediums


Spreading Smiles Foundation

I have worked for charities as a freelancer on building their brand identity and website. This was for a small local charity called Spreading Smiles Foundation and the process of creating their branding up until the launch of their website took 5 weeks.

read my experience here

Timeout warning Design Decision

A design document outlining the reasons behind designing a time out warning for a government facing service whilst aligning them with the GOV.UK Design System guidelines.

read my design document here


Me being artsy 🎨

Other mediums of work and projects

Twitter Bot that tweets book quotes every day

As I love to read and enjoy highlighting quotes in books, I wanted to create a Twitter bot that would tweet book quotes from famous novels every day. This bot tweets once every 12 hours.

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Check out my Medium blog!

I like to write stuff about my role as a designer, reading other people's articles and posts on current design trends, case studies, and general lifestyle columns. 

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Publishing designs within the Figma Community

In my spare time, I enjoy designing interfaces for various apps, websites, or concepts that I think might be useful for other people to use. I do this using Figma and occasionally like to publish them in the Figma community for others to view. 

Some of my designs are quite popular and have been duplicated by onwards of 400+ people.

check out some of my work here →

Check out some of my Instagram filters!

I created a bunch of Instagram filters that anyone can use. Most of them have filters that change colour or add day/time to your pictures, however, I also created a filter that lets you pick a fantasy book to read (really useful if you are new to the genre and have no idea where to start) - check them out below, although they are best viewed on your mobile as they will open up in your Instagram app!



Pure vibes

Book picker

The Spine Explorer

During the initial COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, I started reading a lot of books and joined a book community on instagram known as 'Bookstagram'. In the course of me posting reviews and talking about my favourite books, I decided to start a small, niche business where I would design spines of books onto mugs, The Spine Explorer. 

I ran this small business for a total of 4 months with averaging out to 200 visitors in the first month of launch. 

It was mainly for fun as I wanted to share my love of books through every day items such as mugs with others. Although, I do not run this business anymore and have stopped taking requests of new designs, the website is still live and public for people to visit: