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Salah Reminder App

Case Study Overview

There are many Islamic applications in general which track your prayers and help you remind when it’s time to pray. I think Muslim Pro is probably the best because of how easy it is to use and it comes with a huge variety of features, but I tried to explore Islamic prayer application design from another side.

Problem Statement


  • Every Muslim who worships has some knowledge on the law of Islam and how to practise it. Meanwhile, it can be really difficult to track your prayers whilst working, studying or doing your day to day chores. When a Muslim is worried about missing their prayers, they need something to remind them or help them track their prayers.

  • This problem was raised when I see different Muslim prayer apps and besides the various features they have to offer, not many have a simplistic user interface for simply prayer tracking.

  • Use case 1: Someone who does not worship, simply because they don’t have the knowledge on timings.

  • Use case 2: Someone who is worried about missing prayers due to other commitments, such as work or school.

Style Guide

The Typography and Colour palette for this app is quite simplistic and clear, I didn't want to overwhelm the design with various colours and tones, so the ones that I used are displayed here:

User Personas

User 1: Hana is a progressive Muslim student who has recently studied religion and is eager to maintain her devotion.


  • Age: 18

  • Location: London

  • Profession: Student

User 2: Ali is a Muslim worker who is very busy working from morning to evening, but still tries to prioritise his religion by regularly performing obligatory prayers, but often faces problems that can cause him to miss his time to worship.


  • Age: 35

  • Location: London

  • Profession: Employment

User Flow

Sketching Wireframes

Interface Design

Software used

Tools used to create the user flow, wireframes and prototypes:

Final thoughts

This project stems from my own need of having an app which is intuitive and easy to use but also fulfils the need of reminding me when it's time for prayer. Whilst doing my research into this prototype, I noticed there are many, many apps out there which serve the same purpose, but not all of them take all these considerations into account.

If I had more time to work on this I would probably add a few more pages to make the user experience smoother and test out with real users to get factual feedback in return.